Hotel Boat Muikku (Vendace) is a former state owned oceanography vessel, with over 50 years of maritime adventure under it’s belt. The ship has been able to operate independently for over 10 days, making it possible to set out on long continuous expeditions. Suomen Saaristokuljetus Oy aquired the vessel in the fall of 2017 to be restaured to it’s former glory and to be used as a cruiser and a hotel boat.

Hotel Boat Muikku is a Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) approved merchant vessel and it operates as a charter boat all year round. It serves as a hotel boat next to the Helsinki Market Square during the winter season and is stationed on the island fortress of Isosaari during the summer season.

Welcome to the Helsinki Market Square for a unique accommodation experience!

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The hotel has about ten cabins for 1-4 persons, shared toilet and shower facilities. The ship has a coffee and a Mini Market vending machine (coming soon) as well as a well equipped kitchen, should you feel like doing some of your own cooking. Staff is present on the boat during the day as needed, and has a supervisor during the evening and night. Please note, that the ship is equipped with a recording surveillance system and that persons other than those who have booked in are not allowed to stay on the boat.  Hotelboat Muikku is a safe, quiet and affordable place for accommodation in the best location in Helsinki. Welcome!



Hotel Boat Muikku is situated in the best location in Helsinki – welcome!