Are you planning a meeting, seminar or workplace well-being day for you work community or arranging a wedding, birthday party or other private event? It’s possible to do it all while cruising and staying over night on a private boat in the world’s most beautiful archipelago! The boat can accommodate meetings and over night stay for 20 people and is equipped with modern AV equipment.

Charter season starts from the beginning of May and ends at Midsummer’s and continues again in the beginning of school term (mid August) until the end of September. The boat can be rented on an ‘All Inclusive’ principle or you can bring your own catering. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcoholic drinks on board.

Meeting and party packages including cruise and accommodation start from 105 €/person.


There are several islands and other destinations to visit near by! The ship’s crew consists of the captain and deck crew, and it’s also possible to book your own chef to cook a meal while cruising – our kitchen crew is happy to give suggestions on the possibilities. You can also order a full menu from your chosen caterer or prepare the meal on board yourself.

We also offer some specialities: the ship is equipped with a DP (Dynamic Position) system which will keep the ship static in a set place using the propellers and a given GPS position. This systems makes it possible to stay overnight anywhere in the Baltic Sea region where there is enough water under the hull, therefore not making it even necessary to dock for the night.